Choosing a Party Dress That Matches Your Body Shape

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Need help choosing a dress that accentuates the best part about your body? Know your body type and what suits you best first!

If you’re a pear

Pear-shaped figures have wide hips and narrow shoulders. Focus on minimizing your hips and add volume to the upper body. Draw attention to the neck and arms with a classy boat neck dress, square necklines, and cowl necklines. A-line dresses minimize wide hips and strapless dresses are flattering for this body type.

If you’re a triangle

Triangle or wedge figures have broad shoulders and chest with a narrow waist and hips. A flattering dress draws attention to the hips and accentuates it. High-waisted styles like empire waist dresses make the waist and hips seem bigger, as well as full skirts and bright colors at the bottom. Consider staying away from spaghetti straps as they draw attention to the shoulders.

If you’re a rectangle

Rectangle body types have similarly sized shoulders, waists, and hips. Focus on creating the curves that your body lacks. Do this with scoop necks and sweetheart-necked dresses, rushing on the sides, and ruffles. Good bra support is also essential to make the most of your almost nonexistent curves.

If you’re an apple

Apple figures have wide shoulders, chests, and waists, and narrow hips. To balance this figure, make your torso look longer and your hips wider. Do this with solid colors rather than prints, belts high at the waist, and V-necks, which have the effect of elongating the torso. Empire waist dresses help add to the hips while short dresses and skirts draw attention downward and away from the shoulders.

If you’re an hourglass

Thank the lord if you all into this category because this is the body shape that every woman wants. Those with hourglass figures have balanced proportions, but still need to look for a dress, which helps all their best features stand out. The main point is to look for a dress that is neither too baggy nor too tight. Wrap dresses, high waist styles, and A-line dresses are all flattering.


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