The Do’s And Don’ts Of Selecting A Party Dress

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The Dos Complement your skin

Dark skin: Dare to wear the lightest shades in the spectrum: white, yellow, green and pink will suit you well. Brown and black will camouflage you into what you’re wearing.
Medium skin: Go for neutral shades like browns, greys and blacks which are striking against your skin tone and look elegant. You can also try blues and reds.
Fair skin: White and yellow won’t enhance your skin, avoid them at all. If you’re dark-haired, red and green will look beautiful, otherwise choose bright colors that will appear striking against your skin and neutrals for a look that’s more chic.

Complement your body shape

We’ve got that covered here.

The Don’ts

Calf lengths: dresses and skirts that finish on the calf instantly add ten years to your age and cut your legs off at their fattest bit. Not a good look… ever!

Short, strapless, tight and backless: all brilliant on their own or even in pairs, but all four in one? You’ll be aiming for a fashion disaster of epic proportions; no, no, no!

Net skirts: If you are 8 years old and participating in a Disney costume drama, there couldn’t be anything better. But if it’s anything than that, please, you’re better off staying at home! BTW, net gowns are not the same as net skirts, and are totally gorgeous.


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